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Our Convictions :
  1.   Centered on The Word of God.


We believe that everyone’s life would be better if it was centered on both the living word (Jesus) and the written word (Bible).  


2.  Focused on our Mission.


We believe we will stand before God some day and give an account for how we spent our days.  We believe the local church holds the hope of the world.  Therefore, we need everyone involved in carrying out the mission that we’ve been entrusted with.


3.  Moving Forward with Relevance.


We believe in presenting the unwavering Biblical truth in a way our culture can hear.  We are about meeting people where they are, in order to lead them to where they need to be.


4.  Committed to Excellence.


We believe giving our best in all we do honors God and inspires people.


5.  Intentionally Connected.


We believe people matter to Jesus and so they matter to us.  We are committed to investing ourselves into relationships with Jesus, the Church, and those who are far from God.


6.  Divinely Led.


We believe Jesus is the head of this Church.  Therefore, we will humbly be driven by prayer.  For too long the world has see what the Church can do, when we pray, we will see what God can do.

Our Strategy


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