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Hey Church!


Can you believe it? Easter is only a few days away!  I'm looking forward to the Resurrection Celebration we have planned.  I’m writing this letter to encourage you with a few things as we prepare to celebrate Easter together.


1. Be an inviter!

It's always amazed me that although I know many of my friends are LOOKING for a church to attend on Easter, I still feel nervous when inviting them. Maybe it's the fact that we all feel a bit nervous when talking about things that are important to us. The truth is, when you invite a friend to join you for church on Easter they very often will come, and even if they cannot, they'll appreciate the fact that you thought of them.


We have three great events on Easter weekend.  Good Friday service at 7 pm.  EasterFest- Sat. 10-12.  And two services Easter Sunday 8:30 &10:00 am.


So begin praying now for the names of people God is placing on your hearts to bring with you on Easter Sunday.  


2.  Be a pray-er.


Easter Sunday represents a great opportunity to reach some people who are far from God.  The resurrection of Jesus changes everything!  Would you begin praying now for God to work in a powerful way in the things we have planned and that some will be changed for eternity.


3.  Be a giver.


Once again this year we will be taking up a special Easter Offering.  This offering is to be above and beyond your regular giving.  We traditionally use the Easter Offering to be a blessing to people or organizations in need.  This year your generosity will help advance the Kingdom throughout the world as the offering will all go towards the missions/missionaries we support as a church.  


Please be in prayer about what you might bring as an offering to the Lord.  You can give in person (Cash or Check- be sure to put "Easter Offering” on memo line) or online at  (Be sure to select Easter Offering from drop down menu)


I'm looking forward to celebrating our risen Lord together!


Ethan Magee

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