Want to help make N.t.s a success?

Thank you for your interest in helping with Night to Shine 2021!  We are excited to host this great event, but things are going to look very different this year.  There are two main ways you can help:

1.  "Shine-Thru Parade" Wednesday, February 10, at 6:00 pm.   We are calling on our great community to line the streets of route 26 between Lord Baltimore elementary and OVCC on West Avenue.  We would love to see the whole community come out and cheer, and wave, and hold up encouraging signs, etc.  We want to to make all the boys…all of the girls… that the rest of the world has forgotten, that so many times we haven’t clapped for, we haven’t cheered for, we haven’t loved…this is the night where we get to bring them together and say, ‘you matter, we love you.

2.  Donate.  Even though this is not going to be an in-person event, it is still a fairly expensive thing to host.  The more financial support from the community, the more we are able to pour out love and truly make them feel like Kings and Queens.  To donate you can click HERE or send your donation to OVCC-  55 West Avenue, Ocean View, DE.  19970